Follow the family who lives in a desolate country, in Sweden, Härjedalen, the only surviving mountain farm in Sweden, with “fäboddrift”, Lillhärjåbygget. The farm is 7km from the road and is the fifth generation now living there. There is no fixed electricty on the farm. The farm dates from the 19th century. Of the milk from their mountain cows, milked by hand, morning and evening, they make butter and cheese on the farm.
I think the future is uncertain for us peoples and at the moment, very fragile. A city can easily be erased, electricity is lost, transports into a city gone, it will not be long before the food is out and people freeze, Lillhärjåbygget will not be affected. The same life has been lived there for over 200 years and in harmony with nature.

Right now, people in the world consumes much more than the earth can deliver and it is not sustainable. How we will work in the future? I think we need to look back at how man lived ahead, long time ago, because there are lots of good knowledge preserved. But it’s about to be forgotten.
I have lived on the farm on several occasions for a year, followed the family and learning to know them, the animals and nature there. I have always been fascinated by people who go against the stream and who do what they want to do and what they think is good for the future. I myself come from a small town in Härjedalen called Medskogen and feel very well outside the big city, but the place Lillhärjebygget is very special and I will return there on several occasions! Do it yourself if you want an experience and be inspired for the future.


Right now I have a exhibition with some of the photos from this project in “Härjedalens Fjällmuseum” in Funäsdalen, welcome to visit.

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